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Compare and Contrast Essay
Often in works of literature there are many emotions and problems that authors face and let it out by writing poetry. “Woman Work” by Maya Angelo and “Daily” by Naomi Shihab are great examples. “Woman Work” and “Daily” are very similar, however they’re very different.

“Woman Work” and “Daily” have very similar topics. With both poems there is not necessarily a road block in the way but major chores and duties. In “Woman Work” the point of view is from an African American woman who has chores and work but is forced to do these duties. However in “Daily,” the woman has work but does the work and enjoys it and is free. The imagery the author gives these poems differs. In “Daily,” the author uses more positives words and feelings to describe how the woman in the poem is feeling. In “Woman Work,” the author is more depressing and uses more negatives images and words to describe how that woman is feeling. Although, imagery is very crucial in writing poems because it gives the reader a clear view on how the character is feeling.

Rhyme scheme is very important when writing poems, but you don’t always need a rhyme scheme for a poem to work out. In “Daily,” there is no rhyme scheme or internal rhyme. However the tone of the poem is positive and happy. “Woman Work,” has an AA, BB, CC, DD rhyme scheme. The tone is very unhappy and depressing. The author in “Woman Work,” uses repetition to make the situation sound worse than it really was or is.
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