Compare Contrast, Kimmel and Garibaldi

Topics: Education, School, Special education Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Eng 120- 053
Essay 1: Compare and Contrast Two writers - Garibaldi, a high school teacher and Kimmel, a professor of sociology noted that consequences of feminism movement are harming boys in school and later in life. Kimmel and Garibaldi present their view on gender problem in their articles “How the school shortchange boys” and “A war against boys”. They both make passionate arguments and prove that boys became disadvantaged in modern feminized classrooms. Kimmel’s arguments about boys’ problems in the American educational system are more convincing than Girrabaldi’s, because his style of argumentation is more objective. Garibaldi shares his professional experience in order to prove that boys are the ones who are being short changed in schools today. He states that the female elementary teachers do not understand boys, they can’t accept that “boys don’t want to be girls” (536). Garibaldi tells story about his special education student Brandon to show how boys can became a victim of unfair educational system. He emphasizes that most of special education students are boys, and this means schools are shortchanging boys. Garibaldi has many flaws in his arguments. There is a lack of evidence that “boys will more often than not be shunted to the background in photos or be absent entirely or appear sitting on wheelchairs” (540). Author fails to provide any statistics to support his point. He uses hasty generalization to show that “a female teacher, especially if she has no male children of her own…will tend to view boys’ penchant for challenging classroom assignment as disruptive, disrespectful- rude” (537). Garibaldi conducts that more girls earned high school diplomas than boys and he utilizes percentages to show this, but actual numbers of boys and girls will likely uneven, which could lead to improper results. Garibaldi’s language is extreme, which makes his writing less...
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