Compare & Contrast High School to Middle School

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High school is a very different place than grammar school. Attending high school from grammar school, I have had to make a lot of changes. Some things that are different between grammar school and high school are the work received, the atmosphere, the schedule, and the teachers. First off the type of work received in High school is very different that the work I had revived in grammar school. Much of the work is more difficult and there is more of it to do. Work is also expected to be handed in time; if I don’t hand in my homework the teachers don’t come looking for me to ask if I have it.

The second thing that is different between grammar school and high school is the schedule. My schedule this is very different than my schedule last year. Last year I had eight classes, I also only had special classes, like gym and music, once a week. This year I only have five classes a day, there is also block scheduling so I have more time to complete my work for that class.

Another difference is that the atmosphere is different. The grammar school that I went to is very different than high school. When I went to grammar school I was looking to go to school to see my friends. This year with high school I don’t want to go to school because of the “get work done” atmosphere. High school also seems more serious because it is so important, after high school most of the students are going to college. The last difference is the teachers. The teachers expect us to be more responsible, if we miss work to check homework hero, see them is we have a problem, or make up a test or quiz. The teachers are also harder on the students. If a student forgets to do their homework the teacher cant give them another day to do it, they have to give them a zero.

These are all differences that I have noticed during the transition from grade school to high school. The things that are the most different between grammar school and high school are the work received, the atmosphere, the schedule,...
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