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The Renaissance was the time period of creativity and change in Europe and during the 1300s to the 1600s in which there were changes in many areas such as political, social, economical, and cultural. The most important change was that of the people and how they saw themselves and their world. Many people showed interest in classical learning, especially the culture of the ancient Romans. They set out to change their own age. The Renaissance, as they felt, was a time of rebirth after the disorder and disasters of the medieval world. The Renaissance began in Italy in the mid 1300s and spread north throughout the rest of Europe. Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance for many reasons. First of all, since Italy was the center of ancient Roman history, it was natural for the Renaissance to start there. Some things such as architectural remains, antique statues, coins and inscriptions reminded Italians of the glory of the Roman Empire. Secondly, Italy was different from the rest of Europe in another way. Italian cities had survived the Middle Ages and cities like Florence, Milan, Venice, and Genoa all grew into wealthy, prosperous cities of manufacturing and trade. Rome and Naples also contributed to the Renaissance cultural recovery. Wealthy Italian merchants encouraged the cultural rebirth by applying political and economic leadership. They also had great attitudes that helped shape the Italian Renaissance. These merchants suggested education and individual achievements and they spent quite a bit of money on the arts.

During the early Renaissance, Florence was a very important city. It came to symbolize the Italian Renaissance. Florence was very much like ancient Athens because it produced a great number of talented poets, artists, architects, scholars, and scientists in a short period of time. Humanism was an intellectual movement that was at the heart of the Italian Renaissance. It put an emphasis on man, his intellect, and his life on earth. It...
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