Compare/Contrast Essay

Topics: Swimming pool, Human swimming, Chlorine Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Swimming Indoors vs. Swimming at the Beach

    Swimming is a fun and leisurely activity that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Swimming pools are generally located indoors inside of homes, hotels, recreation centers or places where people would normally go to take a load off and relax. Beaches are strewn about outdoors along many coast lines throughout the world providing a haven for swimmers and other beach goers. To enjoy a swim indoors at the pool, or outdoors at the beach, can be a tough choice since both can provide a variety of experiences. This essay aims to contrast those experiences by talking about some of the temperatures in the environment at the swimming pool and at the beach; the activities that can be done there, the cleanliness that can generally be found in the areas and some of the safety measures that are typically in place at both locations.

    I’ll first discuss indoor swimming pools. Normally, indoor pools have a temperature gauge that can be set so that the temperature of the pool’s water will always remain the same. While the temperature of the water in the pool can remain constant, so can the temperature of the room that the swimming pool is located in. This means that swimmers can have their ideal temperatures set for when they walk into the swimming area and their ideal temperatures set for when they step foot into the swimming pool. It’s hard to find better swimming conditions than that. Activities like water polo, water volleyball and water aerobics can be enjoyed in indoor swimming pools because the water temperatures there are usually set to a warmer temperature that can be enjoyed year round. With indoor pools there are usually chlorine tablets floating somewhere out of sight to help with the cleanliness of the water. There is a modicum of relief knowing that most indoor pools have a chlorine and septic system to help maintain the cleanliness of the water. Cleanliness is next to the safeness of indoor swimming pools....
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