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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Contrast Studying Alone to Studying in a Group

Do you like to study alone or study in a group? Maybe some people will like to study alone, and other people will like to study in a group. Like studying alone, studying in a group will make you learn a lot of new things. Then studying alone and studying in a group can help you to gain knowledge and renew you information. Although they have some similarities, they still have some differences. Studying in a group makes your study easier, spends you time less, and makes you more actively.

First, studying in a group will make your study easier. Studying alone and studying in a group have different styles. If you study in a group, you may have some co-workers. If you can’t understand or answer the questions, those co-workers will help you to resolve the problems. This kind of study style will make your study easier. In contrast, If you study alone and have some questions, you can not easy to find someone to help you. You may feel alone and helpless. Therefore, although you can study in any of these two ways, you will feel more helpful when you study in a group.

Second, studying in a group will spend your time less. When you study, you may want to spend less time learning more things. These two ways will bring different outcome. Studying in a group means you and others people work together, and all of you need to think about the same problems. You can devide one work from different parts, of the work. You will finish the job more quickly. In contrast, when you study alone, you have to finish your work by yourself. You will take more time to finish it. Therefore, studying in a group can save you time on study.

Finally, studying in a group will make you more actively. Whatever studying alone or studying in a group, you want to learn. When you work with others, you will get some information from others. At this time, you will think about their idea and absorb the good things from them. In...
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