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There are a tons of things you can compare and contrast but I chose to do being in jail and being grounded. I say that because there are a couple things that are different with jail and being grounded but there are also a couple comparisons. Everybody know that jail is more strict but the thing is being grounded can be as strict as jail depending on what you do. So I will be going into more detail about jail and being grounded.

Being grounded is the same as being in jail in a couple ways. With both of these you are basically being detained for doing things that you usually do. For example, you are not allowed to go outside when you want too. That sucks because even if you are on punishment at your own house it still feels like you in jail. Depending on how severe the punishment is some parents will take the cell phone away from you, and that leaves you with a house if you have one. Some parents will have the house phone with them sometimes if they don’t want you to use it. Just like jail they get to use the phone when the cop’s tell them they are allowed too. Being in jail and grounded is the same because you can get a time limit on using the phone. Basically being grounded and in jail is the same because you have people telling you what to do. There is no freedom and you have people watching your every move.

See me I rather be grounded than in jail. Depending on what you did being grounded cannot be that bad. You can be grounded for months, weeks, or days. Now in jail the court is getting stricter on the simple things so you can be in jail for years, depending on how bad the crime is. The difference with being in jail and being grounded, in jail you are behind bars locked up. With being on punishment you are basically like in your room with no television and no phone. It is the same way with jail but some jails let you have television in their cell. Another difference with being in jail and being grounded is that you get in trouble with your parents and...
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