Compare Between Bmw and Dacia in Marketing Strategy

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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The majority of BMW’s success is attributed to the development of a consistent marketing policy, the 'market niche' strategy. The company has built its brand on four core values, which are: 


BMW has maintained these core values since the company’s inception. Coupled with WCRS (BMW’s advertising agency since 1979), the company has adopted a consistent advertising strategy. In addition to the message of these values being portrayed in advertising campaigns, the company explicitly expresses one or more of these values in all BMW advertisements. However, it is important to point out that BMW also relies on its sensitively to the environment, which is clearly seen by how the company’s advertisements evolved in response to economic, environmental and competitive changes. This design philosophy, which runs through every BMW, has been communicated through a number of TV and print ads. The brand image has been built up by using over 300 color press advertisements, and more recently through a total of 64 different television commercials. Throughout this campaign, BMW has remained consistent to its beliefs of focusing on the substance of the cars themselves. In addition to the high profile national color press and television advertising, individual dealers are encouraged to run their own local campaigns. Local press, radio and bus advertisements are all available from BMW dealer marketing. Additionally, brochures, price lists and dealership point-of-sale materials are made accessible through the corporate office. BMW encourages its dealers to make use of these services. Providing the dealers with a central source for advertising, BMW ensures that all communications remain standardized as well as maintaining BMW’s brand values.


BMW has embarked on a global advertising campaign. What differentiates this promotion is the fact that it remains consistent throughout the...
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