Compare Between Bluenile.Com, Diamond.Com and Jewelryexchange.Com

Topics: Engagement ring, Jewellery, Rings Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Blue Nile is retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. The company is built on a unique idea: choosing an engagement ring doesn't have to be complicated and making the right choice can be easy because it divides diamond into few categories and easier the users to choose based on the categories. Besides that, Blue Nile is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol NILE and has been awarded the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award, which recognizes the best in online customer service as ranked by actual consumers. Blue Nile is the only jeweler to have ever received this award, and has done so every year since 2002. Moreover, at Blue Nile you'll find high-quality diamonds certified by the most respected independent diamond grading labs and can create your own jewelry by choosing the right diamond and we'll set it in your favorite earring, pendant, or ring design. Every order is shipped free, guaranteed and returnable within 30 days, so you can be sure you made the right decision. is committed to providing the best information for the customer so that they can make an informed decision when purchasing one of the fine diamond jewelry items. Jewelry Education section contains useful facts on diamonds, engagement rings, precious metals used in jewelry, as well as jewelry gift buying tips. Besides that, customer can also find out more about different types of metal used in jewelry, including platinum, sterling silver, and the meaning of karat amounts for gold. Moreover, provide tips on how to choose an engagement ring, learn about different engagement ring styles and settings, and get helpful advice on how to select the right wedding ring. For gift shoppers, have practical recommendations to aid in customer selection of diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. The gift of a diamond anniversary band is an unforgettable way to celebrate customer marriage such...
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