Compare Beka Lamb and Chrysallids

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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1) Give 3 reasons why Rastafarians turned away from European customs? 9mks Rastafarians turned away from European customs because:
1) They disagreed with the white man’s description of beauty because one of their beliefs is - the beauty of black people. The stereotype of beauty was fair skin, straight hair, straight, narrow noses typically the description of a white person. 2) The Europeans felt that there was a God in heaven whereas the Rastafarians believed in a God who physically inhabited the earth. The Europeans believed that earth and heaven were separate places and that God resided in heaven. The Rastafarians believed that their God resided on earth as a physical being and that Ethiopia was the spiritual center of the earth 3) The felt that the Europeans were oppressing them in terms of work and religion. The people that felt the blow of oppression the most were the lower class blacks because when companies were letting people go during the global economic depression the lower class blacks were often the ones to be fired. They were frustrated by this. In terms of religion they were forced to convert to either Catholicism or Anglicanism because it was more respectable than saying they were Orisha or Yoruba. At church they were discriminated against because they were expected to sit at the back and the clergy enforced that the blacks were inferior to the whites.

2) Give 2 reasons why Rastafarians worshipped Haile Selassi. Describe and explain Caribbean Society’s reaction to Rastafarianism up to 1962? 8mks Rastafarians worshipped Haile Selassi I because:

1) They believed him to be a descendant of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba from biblical times. 2) 2) They also believed a prophesy Marcus Garvey made saying “Look to Africa for the crowning of a Black King; He shall be the Redeemer.” Marcus Garvey was a well educated Jamaican man who went to the United States and became a well known teacher of black self empowerment and he...
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