Compare Art Nouvouve and Art Deco

Topics: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: August 12, 2012
* Art Nouveau
* Started in the early 1890s and peaked at the turn of the century until 1920s * Art Nouveau was a reation to the historicism of the Arts and Crafts Movement. It was about creating a whole new style - full of organic shapes and very fond of the female form. Flowing, sinuous lines were often used * Designs are very organic, characterized by no use of right angles and” whiplash” curves. Asymmetrical and curvilinear designs. It features naturalistic but stylized forms, often combined with more geometric shapes, particularly arcs, parabolas, and semicircles. * Unrestrained exuberance of form, color and line" were the most identifying characteristic of art nouveau. Lines were curved rather than straight and were nicknamed noodle, whiplash, tapeworm, and cigarette-smoke style. * The movement brought in natural forms that had often been overlooked like insects, weeds, even mythical faeries * Examples : Gustav Klimt, or the arches of the Eiffel Tower. * Exemplified in the Metro entrances of Paris designed by Hector Guimard * Art Nouveau relied on traditional craft skills, especially through the use of elaborate wrought iron scrolls. A sample of the type of decoration used in this type of work is seen below. *

* Art Nouveau artifacts were fashioned / manufactured by highly skilled and workers. They shaped materials such as wrought iron, glass and jewellery, using traditional techniques. It took years to train craftsmen in these fields and often Art Nouveau artifacts were hand made. Consequently, Art Nouveau was the preserve of the rich. Most Art Nouveau furniture was manufactured in factories or workshops, as ‘one offs’ or as a limited batch production. Consequently, products of this style were expensive and out of reach of the average person. Art Deco

* Art Deco started in the 1920’s and reached its peak in the 1930’s. Distinguished by rectilinear and symmetrical forms. Employs geometric forms, luxurious materials,...
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