Compare and Contrast a Remake

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Ocean’s Eleven 1960 vs. 2001

This last week I watched each of the Ocean’s Eleven movies. Although they share the same story, I was surprised as to how much they differed.

The focus of each of these versions was the same. Eleven men set out to plan and carry out the World’s largest heist ever at a casino. The plot of this movie is unlike any other as it is original. In both versions the men were willing to sacrifice their lives and freedom in order to get ahead in life.

The surface level subjects of each version also seemed to be consistent; they were each sacrificing their lives and freedom in this heist to get ahead. However, the underlying subject’s of these movies appeared to differ. The original seemed to be that betraying their families was worth the cost and the remake surface subject appeared to be that Ocean had planned the heist just to get back at the man who had taken his wife.

The sound difference between the movies was huge. In the 1960’s version, with the lack of technology that this movie had, music was relied on heavily and also used some of the same techniques that the remake used in order to build suspense. Music was used to enhance moments of suspense. The music would start low and slow and eventually built to be quick and loud. My emotions were definitely manipulated by the film’s music because I was on the tip of my chair at certain moments full of suspense. The music would lead up to these moments and then shut off entirely at the climax of each suspenseful moment. Those moments of silence are the only ones that made me realize “Man I’m getting all exciting and wound up into this movie”.

Sound was used in this movie to communicate time-distance. For instance when Ocean and the young crew member were about to descend into the vault area, they dropped glow sticks which took several moments to even hit the ground. This sound created a long and deep tunnel in our minds.

As far as the place, everything had changed since the...
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