Compare and Contrast Two Similar Buildings

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BE0898 Advanced Measurement and Technology – Coursework 1The Evolution of Building TechnologyByT021380| Site A:Leeds College of Art (Formerly Joseph Kramer College)Blenheim WalkLeedsLS2 9AQ| Site B:Bournville College1 Longbridge LaneLongbridgeBirminghamB31 2AJ| WORD COUNT:6609| Module Tutors:Jess Tindall & David Morton|


1. Introduction2

2. Site A: Leeds College of Art
3.1. Overview3
3.2. Policies4
3.3. Specification5-8

3. Site B: Bournville College
4.4. Overview9
4.5. Policies10-11
4.6. Specification12-22

4. Comparison of Sites
5.7. Overview23
5.8. Regulatory Requirements24-25
5.9. Building Design
5.10.1. Materials26
5.10.2. Services26
5.10.3. Design Methods27
5.10. Engineering
5.11.4. Construction Methods28
5.11.5. Engineering Methods28-29
5.11.6. Emissions29-30

5. Future of Zero Carbon Design31-38

6. Conclusion39


Appendix A: Planning Application Documents from Bournville College

1.0 Introduction

I have been asked to critically compare and contrast a building constructed to today’s regulatory standards against a building of a similar type constructed in the 1970’s. I have chosen educational facilities for my building category and have chosen two buildings which I believe are fairly typical of the time in which they were constructed. I have compiled a breakdown on each building to better understand the techniques and materials used, then gone on to compare the design and engineering and look at how it has changed over time. I have then investigated different techniques to help establish the most sustainable and economic manner in which my building category could hope to achieve net zero carbon emissions over the next thirty years.

2.0 Site A: Leeds College of Art

2.1 Overview

2.1.1 Description

Leeds College of Art, previously known as Joseph Kramer College after a Ukrainian born painter who spent much of his working life in Leeds; had a new inner city site built in the early 1980’s on Blenheim Walk and Woodhouse Lane which forms one of the main arterial roads into the City.

(Leeds College of Art:2006)

The site had a great bearing on the building design as it was L-shaped, the traffic considerations on the busy road had to be considered both when designing the building for use and during construction; and it was a busy inner city location.

2.2 Policies and Regulations

2.2.1 List of Applicable Policies/Regulations/Guidelines

Little information can be found on the planning application for the site itself but the following regulations were in use at the time and would have been considered when designing the building.

* Town and Country Planning Act 1947
* West Yorkshire County Structure Plan 1980
* Building Regulations 1976

2.2.2 Key Features of Policies

* Town and Country Planning Act
* Regulates the development of land in England and Wales.

* West Yorkshire County Structure Plan 1980
* Set out the requirement for green belt areas in West Yorkshire.

* Building Regulations 1976
* Part L was introduced in response to the oil crisis tightening energy efficiency requirements of basic building elements. U-Values to be achieved are shown below. * 1.0 for exposed walls, floors and non-solid ground and exposed floors * 1.7 for semi-exposed walls

* 1.8 average for walls and windows combined
* 0.6 for roofs

2.3 Specification

2.3.1 Foundations

Foundation specifications are not detailed but given it is a Brownfield site within a built up area of Leeds and a steel frame is to be installed, I think it reasonable to assume Piled Foundations were...
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