Compare and Contrast two poems: Welsh Landscape and East Moors

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  • Published: March 21, 2004
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"Welsh Landscape" is written by R.S Thomas. He was a Welsh traditionalist born in 1913 and he died in 2000. He has strong views and lives in the past thinking of Wales of having no present or future. The poem consists of just one stanza. The main theme of this poem is war imagery, the words that suggest this are "ambush", "spilled blood", "wild", "strife", "strung", "sped arrows", "cries", "fields", "corners" and "carcass".

He describes Wales to have "spilled blood" which describes past battles. He goes on to describe how the "immaculate rivers" are dyed - they can't be perfect. Even water is effected by past occurrences, blood is becoming part of nature. Nature has been corrupted by battles. There's no control over the sky, Thomas uses the word "wild" to describe it. Next he uses alliteration, sibilance "strife", "strung", "sped" its related with the past, as its in past tense. "Strife" describes the struggles they've had, "strung" indicates there was trouble. "Vibrant" makes you think of a bright, alive and almost artistic place, but then he brings in the strong opinion of "you cannot live in the present".

Gillian Clarke, a feminist born in Cardiff in 1937, writes "East Moors". She believes boredom is a major problem in Wales once the community's biggest employer closes down. It consists of 6 stanzas. Demolition is the main theme. This poem looks at change in the community, the sort of change some might regard as a progress, but which the poem suggests can undermine communities, individual identity and purpose. Steelworks meant more to men than anything in their life as it was their life, they were there all the time, it was the main topic of conversation and it was the income to support their families, without it they had nothing.

The first line in this poem make you think a seasonal change will follow these events, the arrival of spring is to come with the arrival of May. It's a device used to suggest a possible end to bitter times but this is...
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