Compare and Contrast Two Explanations of Social Disorder in Contemporary Uk

Topics: Wales, Blaenau Gwent, Sociology Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: January 25, 2011
TMA 03

Quantitative Description of People from Wales and Blaenau Gwent

Part 1
Looking at the tables of information on the resident population of Wales compared to Blaenau Gwent, it is evident that not exist similarities between that, for the resident population of Wales is de 2.835.073 to 72.254 resident population of Blaenau Gwent. In relation to this one found similarities between the active and inactive economic activities where part-time, full-time and retired have the same ratio as seen in Table 2 of the booklet, another similarity between these different cities are Social Work & Health where the comparison in numbers of people aged 16 to 74 as % of total appear nearly equal in Table 3 of the booklet. On the evidences in this Table the economic classes and the qualifications of people in Blaenau Gwent are relative to Wales it is, the people in Blaenau Gwent on the whole are less qualified and are below the Wales level, the higher proportion of working age population have no qualification, so the higher proportion of population of working age are in Blaenau Gwent in more permanently disable and sick than Wales. Hence the similarities and differences about our identities in Blaenau Gwent was seen that, already be a small town has suffered an even greater loss of its population, and in 2001, over two–thirds of working age people are economically active in Blaenau Gwent, less than two-thirds of working age people in Blaenau Gwent are in employment 65% per cent, which equates to approximately 27,100 people, the other 40% per cent of population either working or unemployed and looking for work. Learner achievement in Blaenau Gwent has the lowest average for young people gaining two or more qualification between A levels and CGSE, even the numbers of students away from home are significantly lower than Wales. Between the similarities and differences about the identities Blaenau Gwent was already seen that by being a small town has also suffered...
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