Compare and Contrast Two Ancient Sculptures

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  • Published : October 13, 2005
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In this paper I will compare and contrast two ancient sculptures in the round from two different periods in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Near Eastern. The first is a Head of a Pharaoh from the Old Kingdom Dynasty 5 or 6 periods. This sculpture made of stone and copper dated in circa 2500 B.C.E. The second is a "Female Figurine" from Northern Iran, Iron Age I-II. This figure is made of ceramic dated in circa 1400-800 B.C.E. Each sculpture represents a different type of symbolism. The first sculpture represents eternal images of the decease (death) and the second fertility (life).

The "Head of a Pharaoh" shows details of the crown and face suggesting that this figure was an Egyptian pharaoh which represents a king or ruler within their society. The sculpture is broken at the neck which may suggest that the head was originally belonged to a full, probably standing, statue. They placed these types of statues in tombs to serve as eternal images of the deceased. The Egyptians considered the Pharaoh as their Gods. This sculpture shows a realistic portrayal of that persons face. By doing this the sculptor immortalized the soul thereby, keeping the person alive. This image would symbolize the eternal life and divinity of its subject, the pharaoh. The second "Female Figurine" image focuses on a well formed hip area probably representing fertility and procreation. This may also symbolize the growth of crops and livestock and a basic welfare among them. It seems to me that they struggled for survival and she may represent the center of the cycle of life.

The "Head of a Pharaoh" is a life-size head the tall crown with the rounded top, known as the White Crown, while the "Female Figurine is about 8.7 inches high. They are both has human figure but the first sculpture is made of stone and copper and the second is made of Ceramic. Both differ in style. The "Head of a Pharaoh" is naturalistic or realistic and is a portrait, depicted humans. This sculpture relief in...
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