Compare and Contrast: to Kill a Mocking Bird-Color Purple

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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To kill a mockingbird and Color Purple are two really good books who have their similarities, but of course not two things can be equal. This two book show us the the same from two different points of view. Both of them talk the problematics of African American in those times. It shows how life can be unfair sometimes and how most of those times, there is nothing we might do to change it. It shows how our decisions and action define us. How we live in a society were looking for equality and hoping for better just doesn’t fit. How one always thinks it is better than the other.

One of the most important difference between this two great books are the points of view from which they’re told. The views from which a book is told is the base of the book and how you see and feel everything. Color Purple is told from the perspective of this young adult Afro American girl, while in To kill a mockingbird is told from the point of view of a white little kid. Hearing the story coming from the one suffering the torments rather than someone seeing them is incredible. In Color Purple, you get to feel what Celie is feeling. How you aren’t safe even inside your own house, how life for them has never been fair. When seeing all this unfairness in To Kill a Mockingbird from the point of the little you get a different feeling. You understand the unfairness of the situation, but don’t really grasp how deep it goes since it is told from the eyes of something so innocent and pure as a child.

Another difference we see is how the main characters live their life. Celie is a African American girl who is said to be ugly and suffers abuses from her dad, while Scout is a little white girl who has never in life known what abuse is. Celie has to marry on an, per say, early age, while Scout is free to wait until she think adequate for marriage. One must work everyday of her life to take care of first her siblings and then to take care of kids who aren’t even hers. She must get up and be...
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