Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Duffy and Pugh Present Journey Within Their Poems

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Both Duffy and Pugh explore the different ways that journey can be used within poetry. Duffy explores the transition from childhood to adolescence, showing the innocence that has been lost through knowledge and experience in her poem 'In Mrs Tilschers Class' Duffy introduces us to a typical day in Mrs. Tilscher's class, 'You could travel up the Blue Nile/ with your finger, tracing the route/ while Mrs Tilscher chanted the scenery.' Duffy successfully creates a childhood setting that is familiar to most people. She uses language such as 'chalky' and 'glowed' to represent a typical classroom scene as well as emphasise the light hearted approach that children have towards life due to their innocence of the world. Duffy highlights the contrast between the trivial priorities that the school children have, receiving a 'gold star' , compared to the pressures and priorities that adults have. "A rough boy/ told you how you was born. You kicked him, but stared/ at your parents appalled, when you got back home" suggests the way in which as children, you're more likely to act first and ask questions later, the child at this point still has an air of innocence around them as Duffy states that they were 'appalled' this shows some irony if compared to the language used in the next stanza as there is an element of awareness ('Under the heavy, sexy sky') as the persona grows up, due to the fact that they are developing. ' ‘In Mrs Tilscher’s Class’ deals with the themes of growth and change which the child has been through since being in her class. This has presented the persona's journey from childhood to adolescence and the awareness that this has brought them, to the reader. The poem is voiced through a pupil of Mrs Tilscher’s  class. Similarly, Pugh presents the journey that two boys had to make into adult hood in 'Inter City Lullaby' “Looking to find the streets paved with brass; fairy tales are practical, nowadays” She shows the ways in which the boys have obviously...
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