Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Prospero Talks to Miranda, Ariel and Caliban

Topics: The Tempest, Moons of Uranus, Prospero Pages: 3 (1307 words) Published: May 20, 2008
The Tempest is about Prospero who is trapped on an island with his daughter Miranda. Prospero used to be the Duke of Milan; he is a magician and controls the spirit Ariel. Ariel was once enslaved to Sycorax how died but her son Caliban is alive. Caliban is part human part beast and he is Prospero’s slave. Prospero has different relationships with each of the characters, so he talks to them differently.

Miranda and Prospero enter for the first time in the second scene. Miranda is asking Prospero whether he started the storm and if anyone had been injured. When Prospero talks to Miranda it is very loving, by calling her dear, ‘of thee my dear one’. This is him telling Miranda how much he cares for her. However sometimes when Prospero is talking to Miranda he is quite stern, because he is her father as well so he has to be strict at times. ‘Obey and be attentive’, here he is being very authoritive. Other times he is being quite angry to Miranda is when he is trying to tell her about her past,’ dost thou attend me’ and thou attend’st not’. Here he is asking Miranda if she is listening, she answers yes to both of these. This makes Prospero sound very vain because he wants all of Miranda’s attention and he keeps demanding if she is listening. When he says,’ dost thou hear’ and Miranda answers,’ your tale, sir, would cure deafness’. Prospero sounds paranoid for her attention so that Miranda has to be very complimentary to him in order for him to believe her and continue. Before he is talking to Miranda about his past he uses a lot of names like,’ daughter’ and ‘dear’. However during his speech about their history he starts to get a lot angrier with her. Before he starts his story he says to Miranda,’ sit down’, he is starting up, this gives him power because he is standing up looking down on her so he looks like a very superior figure. Then when he starts to reassure her about their family he sits down, which shows that they are even and on the same...
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