Compare and Contrast the Temple of Athena and the Colosseum

Topics: Colosseum, Corinthian order, Rome Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Compare and Contrast The Temple of Athena and The Colosseum
Stephanie M. Tomaszewski
May 7, 2013

When evaluating works of art, the form of the work, the subject matter, and the content should be considered. When looking at the form of the work, determine whether it is two or three-dimensional, what materials and technique are used, and describe line, shape value color, and balance. When determining content, decide if the artist is trying to send a message, the function of the artwork, and what is the religious or historical significance. After evaluating each of these topics, it will be easier to compare and contrast two or more works of art.

Compare and Contrast The Temple of Athena and The Colosseum
To compare and contrast The Temple of Athena and The Colosseum, I will answer three questions. First, what is the form of the work? This includes the dimensionality, materials and techniques used, colors used, and line, shape, and texture of the work. Second, does the work have subject matter? Is the subject matter literally depicted and is the work representational, abstract, or nonobjective? Last, what is the content of the work of art? What does this mean or represent? What is the artist’s message? When I answer these questions I am able to evaluate a work of art. After the work of art has been evaluated, I am then able to compare and contrast two or more pieces. What Are the Forms of the Works?

The Temple of Athena
In about 420 B.C., masons constructed a three-dimensional temple out of cut stone. A technique called bearing masonry was used to hold the large pieces of cut stone in place rather than mortar. It is of Ancient Greek Iconic design which is evident in the four columns on the front and back porches of the temple. The structure was left unpainted. The Colosseum

Inaugurated in 80 A.D., the Colisseum is constructed of cut stone. Like the Temple of Athena, masons used the bearing masonry technique to hold the pieces of stone in...
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