Compare and Contrast the Scientific Management Theorist Taylor and the Human Relations Management Theorist Mary

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Compare and contrast the Scientific management theorist Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Human Relations Management theorist Mary Parker Follett

Models have been developed by people to understand management and Quinn used the competing values framework to relate the main models (Quinn et al., 2003). The human relations model is about flexibility while the rational goal model is about control. There is a lot more differences than similarities. Taylor (Pugh and Hickson, 1989), the scientific management theorist emphasizes the maximization of workers’ prosperity while Follett, the human relations management theorist, focuses on development of human resources. Currently, the theories introduced by them are still widely used in many organisations.

Frederick Taylor was the founder of scientific management. It emphasizes scientifically determined changes as the solutions to improve labour productivity (Daft, 1997). Taylor suggested that raising the wage can increase the working incentive of workers and he provided chances for workers to develop and perform in a higher grade. Nonetheless, the ultimate goal is still maximizing the profit (Pugh and Hickson, 1989). Concerning the theory of Follett (Graham, 1995), although she found drawbacks of scientific management and suggested the human relations model, the aim of the two theories is the same, maximizing the productivity though they use different ways to achieve the goal. Besides, the idea of division of labour is also welcomed by both theorists. Taylor believed that all people can perform very well in a particular aspect (Pugh and Hickson, 1989). Functional Management is like division of labour. Follett did not support very strict division of labour. Nevertheless, basically, she believed that division of labour with respect to the strengths of each worker can increase output (Graham, 1995). She put emphasis on humanistic perspective to divide labours. Obviously, they both have the same destination,...
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