Compare and Contrast the Presentation of the City in London and Composed Upon Westminter Bridge

Topics: Romanticism, River Thames, England Pages: 4 (1623 words) Published: March 1, 2011
William Blake and William Wordsworth both wrote their poems about the city of London. They both wrote their poems during the Age of Romanticism, seven years apart. William Blake was an individual who lived and grew up in London, working from a young age. Wordsworth lived in the Lake District and wrote a lot about nature and used that in his poems. Both poems feature London and the Thames but they are set at different time of the day London is set at midnight and Composed Upon Westminster Bridge is set at dawn where ‘the very houses seem asleep’ before the rush of the city begins. Wordsworth’s poem is very Romantic and refers to nature but, Blake’s is very dark and shows a deeper, appalling side to London even though they are written at the same time.

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge was written when William Wordsworth was passing through the city on his way to France. It is a sonnet, made up of fourteen lines. It is split into two sections, the octet which is eight lines long and the sestet makes up the last six lines of the poem. In the first line, Earth has not anything to show more fair, Wordsworth is comparing the city to the Earth saying that there is nothing more beautiful upon it than the city of London. The second line continues the first line to say that people who pass it by are dumb and foolish to miss the sight of the city. Wordsworth uses ‘majesty’ in his next line to imply that the city is regal and royal. The City is said to be wearing the beauty of the morning as a metaphor to say that it is reflecting the sun and the sunrise on the buildings. William wrote as far as the fields and to the sky; this is the connection to nature. He say’s that it is beautiful in the smokeless air, suggesting that the smoke is yet to come.

In the sestet, Wordsworth describes more of the city. In the first line he describes how the sun is shining and soaking the city. In the next line he compares the city to nature he uses a list of valley, rock and hill. This is...
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