Compare and Contrast the Methodology of Three International University Ranking Systems and Suggest the Ranking System Which Offers the Best Analysis of University Quality

Topics: Higher education, University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Compare and contrast the methodology of three international university ranking systems and suggest the ranking system which offers the best analysis of university quality In recent years, how to select the university ranking system becomes one of the most debatable topics if students want to choose the university to study. The world seems to be obsessed with ranking in every of life. Whether the government of the countries or the companies, they all like ranking to showcase themselves or attract more investors. This is not surprising, and then, in the present higher education world by increased global competition for students, the number of league table of universities has grown rapidly in recent years. The public are more preoccupied with the performance of the higher education institution and getting the best value as consumers of the education. The Shanghai Jiao Tong Rankings, the THES(Times Higher Education Supplement) Rankings and the CHES Rankings, these three relatively authority rankings become the most important base when many students select their desired university. These three ranking system all offer the excellent analysis of the university quality, however they have some different. This essay will compare and contrast the methodology of these three international university ranking system.

The THES Rankings is one of the ranking systems which are extensive use in the most recent. It has more attention because the peer review is a key criterion in this ranking system. Many experts consider that if people know the subject whose are their own research field very well, and then they can evaluate to this subject more exact. So there are about 40% of a university’s total score is determined by peer review in the THES system. This methodology has inevitable influence to the final ranking. “The qualitative data is based on our belief that the people who know most about the university quality are those who work in them or are closely...
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