Compare and Contrast the Magna Carta and the Petition of Rights

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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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Compare and Contrast the Magna Carta and the Petition of Rights

The Magna Carta and the Petition of Rights are very important in the history of England that both of them are significant to the development of England. They have similarities and differences. In my opinion, both of these two were put forward to limit the crown of the King. And both of them were signed by the King who were forced to sign them. What is more, both of them were abandoned by the King at last, but they also had very important effects on the development of England. Now let me show my opinions of their differences to you. The Magna Carta (1215) was the constitutional document which was signed by the King John, who was forced to sign it. The purpose of the document was to ensure the independence of the policy and the rights and interests of the economy of the feudal lords. And it is also bad for energizing the crown. The document was the first one that limits the power of the seignior, and the cornerstone of the English Constitution Monarchy. The Magna Carta had 63 items and most of the contents ensured the rights and interests of the feudal lord, the most important effect of it was to limit the crown. With the strengthen of the crown in 15 or 16 century, the Magna Carta was ignored. But during the English Bourgeois Revolution, the bourgeoisie gave it new sense to fight the crown of the feudalism and it finally became one of the most important parts of the Constitution of the United Kingdom. The Petition of Rights actually was signed by the King, who was forced to signed it because of he need the military expenditure to engine on the foreign wars. The Petition of Rights was also the successful result of the fight which the congress fought against the King for liberty and rights. And it was the first Bill of Rights in the history of England. Generally speaking, the main purpose of the Petition of Rights was to limit the crown of the King and to protect the personal...
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