Compare and Contrast the Concepts of Natural Crime and Legal Crime

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  • Published : December 8, 2008
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Who Should Decide School Uniforms-Betty

There has not been a state that has commanded a school to wear uniforms. The policies for dress codes or uniforms are being expanded at the region or school level. “ Florida: Dress codes or Uniforms: The school board may require uniforms or a dress code policy to be worn by the students if they find it necessary for the safety and welfare of the students or school personnel”. The judgment to adopt a dress code or uniform policy is made by states, local school regions. For uniform and dress codes to be a success, as with all other school activities, parents must be involved. For uniforms or dress code policy to have a favorable result, parents must be supportive of the idea. The most intense push for school uniforms or dress code policy in recent years has come from the parents who want better conduct in the children’s schools. Schools that have successfully created a uniform and dress code, ask for parental input in designing the uniform. The parent support is also essential for them to encouraging students to wear them. The school board, administrators, teachers, parents and students enter the debate on what students should wear to school. People have faith that requiring students in school settings to conform to a uniform and dress code can improve student’s behavior, and boost up their self-esteem. Uniforms or dress code policy “are seen as a concrete and visible means of restoring order to the classrooms. Uniforms conjure up visions of parochial schools, which are perceived as safe, secure, and orderly learning environments”. Uniforms and dress code policy are foreseen as a way to help eliminates cultural economic differences among students, it sets a tone for a serious study, school pride, and improvement in attendance. It is also said that it enhances-student’s self-concept, classroom behavior and improve school performance....
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