Compare and Contrast the Codes of Ethics* Applicable in Your Professional Practice to That of the Code of Ethics for Health Educators. What Are the Similarities? What Are Possible Differences?

Topics: Ethics, Sociology, Professional Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: September 8, 2012
The purpose of the code of ethics is very important it defines standardizes expectations of what is believed to be professionalism in different occupation, companies, and organizations Establishing core values and ethical standards is equally important because individuals with a clear understanding of professional goals tend to make excellent choices and collective achievements. Core values are established by a professional code of conduct such as, 1) In education the code of conduct is explained with fairness, and social equity 2) But in a technological firm it may be considered as integrity 3) in a medical setting it’s compassion, accuracy and care that is emphasize the most when professionals reinforces key core values it enhances collective performances and individual professionalism. Conduct codes help employees make good professional choices about how they represent themselves professionally such proper attire, appropriate language, consuming alcohol and drugs, also including ethical code of conduct example: professional guidelines for accepting gifts to assure that personal relationship does not impair or influence judgment the code for emergency service response have guidelines that may require decision making on the job. In my profession working with adults who have disabilities can often be challenging because disabilities may be physical, mental, cognitive, emotional, developmental, or a combination of these according to: (lipschutz, 2012) “umbrella” is a term used to describe impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. 1)An impairment- is a body or structure problem

2)Activity limitation- is difficult function an individual may face in completing task or action. 3)Participation restrictions-are problems an individual experiences life situations

As a social worker and patient advocate I have to make important ethical decision when rendering services to my clients while keeping a level of professionalism...
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