Compare and Contrast the British, French, and Spanish Imperial Goals in North America Between

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Julia Ermacor

Assess the validity of this quotation as it applies to THREE of the following colonies before 1763: Virginia Maryland Pennsylvania Massachusetts Bay Rhode Island

According to a specific quote, economic issues determined the development of the early English colonies. This quotation is not entirely valid, considering religion played major roles in early North America. Economic and religious issues determined the development of the English colonies. Chesapeake Bay English colonies such as Maryland and New England colonies like Massachusets Bay and Rhode Island both developed differently. First of all, Northern colonies of North America like Massachusetts and Rhode Island claimed that religion was actually the primary motivation for emigration. The Puritans, a prosecuted protestant group of England who sought religious freedom, built the colonies of Massachusetts. Once settled in North America, despite the poor farmland, New England had great natural harbors which resulted in cities created as well as many different professions, benefitting the economy. One written pamphlet of the 1620’s stated New England was a place, “where religion and profit jump together.” Both religious and economic factors influenced the development of these specific colonies from the very beginning. The Southern or Chesapeake Bay Colonies, like Maryland developed in a very different way than that of the New England colonies. The economy of this colony was very fragile compared to the Northern colonies. Colonies such as Maryland included a few selective rich settlers who ran politics, where New England was considered more democratic and held a lot more poor people. The Southern colonies like Maryland had no large cities and enforced the use of African American slaves, unlike the Puritans, who believed possessing slaves portrayed laziness. Puritans of the New England colonies displayed a hard work ethic due to their religious beliefs...
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