Compare and Contrast the Advantage and Disadvantages of Online Education

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Shaquita Cochran
South university

There are advantages and disadvantage with social networks. I use the internet to talk to my friends and family members I have two accounts face book and yahoo. I only use my yahoo for job search and business. I use my face book for chatting with family and friends. I think the disadvantage about social networks is that many people cite identity theft, people getting snatch up or getting killed. I was looking up Chicago sun time’s news this morning where they have a man who rape and killed three women from the online chat line. I think that it is really important to be careful while socializing and meeting people that you don’t know online I think that it is ok to socialize but it should be to a certain extent because now in 2011 there has been a lot going on with people coming up missing or hurt from meeting people that we don’t know or what they may be capable of doing. The advantage of social networks is formed new business, receive new recommendation, connect with old friends, and finding new jobs. Also there are more than 300 active social networking sites, and each one has a slightly different process for creating a profile. But the function is always the same, a disadvantage is that visitors to your profile could ‘’label’’ you as one dimensional figure a sports fanatic, a poetry head, instead of a whole person. I love my face book page because I have my profile set for privacy which means that no one are allowed to see my status unless I accept them as my friend. I don’t have anything against online social networks but I do think that there should be a limit to not cross because you will never know how the outcome will affect you or someone close to you. Like I said before there are too many crimes going on with the online social networks. One thing that I always tell my little sisters to be careful and try not to meet people off the internet that you don’t know but I have research and found out that community social...
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