Compare and Contrast Suffering Shown in Six Poems

Topics: Emotion, Poetry, World War II Pages: 5 (2052 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Suffering takes many forms explore this idea referring to three poems in detail and to at l east three poems drawn from your wider reading.

The first thing you think when you are told the word suffering is torturing and death and yes this is a big aspect of the topic and it is included in the poem mother in a refugee camp by Chinua Achebe but there is also other parts of it that is not just physical but involves mental suffering and it is this section that is rarely associated with the word in question, Hide and seek by Vernon Scannell is a good example of how this piece comes into play. From this evidence we can explore different forms of suffering and by the time I have reached my conclusion we will have a better understanding of the term. To help us get a better perspective of the word I have used three main poems that demonstrate different elements of suffering War photographer is a poem by carol ann Duffy and he is looking through the pictures he has taken and looking back on their deaths he also talks about how the public react and their lack of care and understanding and what individual has gone through to get just one picture. You can also look at the poem Dulce ET decorum EST which is similar in that it involves the public, Wilfred Owen was a writer from world war one and he disliked how war was displayed to the public that everyone was a hero and they always won. So Owen met some friends and they wrote poems about what the war was really like and this is where he wrote this poem and in it uses the phrase “the old lie Dulce et Decorum Est Propatria Mori”, In war photographer instead of showing the public the reality of war through poetry he has done it through vivid images that really hit the public and show them what war is really like and although they are separated by almost a 100 years you can see how they are connected. From the start of war photographer you get the feeling of quietness and solitude and if you had to link this with a colour it is quite possible that most people will say something along the lines of blue or green but Carol Ann Duffy has used the colour red and somehow connected it to quietness the colour red is mentioned as it was the colour used when developing a photograph so the room had to be pitch black with the faint red glow. Another example that gives the poem the feeling of tranquillity is the line that uses a religious example. “A priest preparing to intone a mass” this technique has also been used in ‘War photographer. “No Madonna and child could touch”, this is referring to Mary and her son Jesus in the bible and is used as a sign of peace and love which is how the mother in this poem feels towards her dying child. The religious mention in ‘war photographer also represents peace but in this is example it is more to do with the quietness as the photos are developed. the phrase used in the second line is used to represent the people in front of the firing squad waiting to be shot “spools of suffering set out in ordered rows” and he has used the word suffering in this line as you can imagine the pain of knowing you are about to die and yet you are hopeless in terms of the outcome there is another example where hopelessness is mentioned and this is in ‘Dulce et decorum est’ when there is an “Ecstasy of fumbling” as everyone tries to put there gas mask on and the one guy who is a bit slow who runs out of time, this guy was helpless to what was going to happen to him is exactly like the men standing up against the firing squad as they are both powerless On the next line Duffy uses four lines to start of the poem and yet there are four full stops, this is to emphasise on each of the areas mentioned that he has been to and taken pictures of war and it makes the reader pause and think about each individual word, “Belfast. Beirut. Phnom Penh”. The last line of the Stanza is taken from the bible “all flesh is grass” there is dying and suffering everywhere....
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