Compare and Contrast Southern Views of “a Rose for Emily” and “a Battle Royal”

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Compare and Contrast Southern Views of “A Rose for Emily” and “A Battle Royal”   
      The South's history is sometimes described as charming and traditional, but it also has a dark side, and to say the least, is horrendous. "William Faulkner" author of "A Rose for Emily," was raised in the South, whereas "Ralph Ellison" the Arthur of "Battle Royal" was from Oklahoma and attended College in the South. Each Arthur has different views and writing styles, which impacts their frame of reference to the south. "A Rose for Emily" written by "William Faulkner" is about the Life and Death of an eccentric southern woman with a gothic twist. "Battle Royal" written by "Ralph Ellison" is about the struggles and obstacles that a young black man had to endure while fighting to break free from the dark shadow of oppression. In the following paragraphs I will show two views of the South's history of inequality, abuse, and how the white man felt superior, and based social status on race and sex.  

      Inequality was evident in "Battle Royal," written by "Ralph Ellison." When the young black man was asked to give his high school speech at a meeting before all the white, southern business men, he felt accomplished and was very proud. While he was being rushed towards the ballroom with the other black boys, he felt superior to them. The feeling faded fast, because he soon realized that he was to be a participant in the Battle Royal, as well as suffer same treatment and humiliation as the other black boys. He was to be entertainment for the white men's twisted ideas of fun. He had no choice, but to do as he was told. To put it another way, the important white men of the community made it evident that they were first class citizens and that the black boys may be free, but were still treated act as if they were property. "A Rose for Emily", written by "William Faulkner", shows how women were not treated as equals. The main character, Emily, was only able to keep her social standing...
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