Compare and Contrast Riding a Roller Coaster to Loving Someone

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Romance Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: November 7, 2010
When you love somebody you experience a full range of feelings such as tenderness and anger, calmness and annoyance, jealousy or despair. You have difficulties of controlling these feelings, because you understand that you are dependent on the person whom you love. When everything is great in your relationships you are “on heavens” but when something goes wrong, you are in despair and want to cry out loudly. Sometimes you think that it would be better that you have never met your current passion, but in few minutes later you might be the most joyful person because of your love. Loving somebody is often compared with riding on a roller coaster, and obviously not in vain. Relationship between two loving people is similar to a roller coaster: steep turns, ups and downs are guaranteed. Both situations can make you feel fear and risk, when you understand that not everything depends on you. It tickles your nerves, and makes your heart beat faster. Even though both riding a roller coaster and loving somebody is extreme and risky, riding a roller coaster on the third time becomes predictable and causes no excitement any more. But in love affairs everything is on the contrast, here you don’t know what is going to happen because it impossible to foresee something in human relationships. But from another prospective roller coaster doesn’t impose on you any obligations and you are free to do what you want. Now, you are free to choose what it is better for you riding a roller coaster or loving somebody, because both alternatives can provide you strong feelings while crossing a steep and dangerous either falling or rising with fastening heart beating. COMPARE: Sometimes so you euphoric I could fly so high and sometimes I feel like holding on for my dear life not understanding the ride but most of the time I feel the adrenalin rush. Because loving someone like you so just makes my life a bit more exciting and happy despite the fear in between. I still don’t know where we’re...
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