Compare and Contrast Parenthood in Equus and Spies

Topics: Peter Shaffer, Parenting, Child discipline Pages: 4 (1370 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Compare and contrast the presentation of parenthood in Spies and Equus   Spies which is written by Michael Frayn presents parenthood in various ways. The book is set during the Second World War in which Stephen a small, weedy and easily-bullied boy, along with Keith, a private school member whose family was socially superior to their neighbours, believe they have found a German spy. However, this apparent spy is the mother of Keith, Mrs Hayward. The boys often misbehave during their investigations; however order is restored with the use of strict parenting skills. In addition to Spies, parenthood is clearly presented throughout Equus due to the work of Peter Shaffer. The main action within Equus takes part in the ‘Rokesby Psychiatric Hospital’. Equus is set in the later stages of the 20th century, approximately between the years of 1970-80. Dora and Frank Strang are pivotal to the plot of Equus, as they care for and also enforce strict parenting skills on their deranged son Alan Strang who had blinded six horses with a metal spike.   The following passage within Equus, demonstrates Frank Strang’s work as a father to prevent his son coming into course with items that may negatively affect him in the future without the use of violent behaviour, and guide him into a path he knows, which in this case is reading. “Frank: It seems to be offering you something, but actually it’s taking something away. Your intelligence and your concentration, every minute you watch it. That’s a true swiz, do you see? I don’t want to be a spoilsport, old chum – but there really is no substitute for reading. What’s the matter; don’t you like it? Alan: It’s all right. Frank: I know you think it’s none of my beeswax, but it really is you know . . . Actually, it’s a disgrace when you come to think of it. You the son of a printer, and never opening a book! If all the world was like you, I’d be out of a job, if you receive my meaning!”. During the process of this conversation it almost feels...
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