Compare and Contrast Paper Instructions

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Compare and Contrast Paper
Management and Leadership

To identify and then compare and contrast basic aspects of leadership and management in relationship to your personal career goal. General Guidelines
Your paper must be written in APA format, which includes rules for title pages, headings, general appearance, internal citations, and a references page. I highly recommend the tutorial here:, and the information here: •A paper with the appropriate level of research and detail will be about eight to ten pages. If your paper is shorter than that, it is likely that you have not been as thorough as needed. •You must use at least four distinct sources, one of which should be your textbook. You may not use Wikipedia,, similar encyclopedia-like works, or the dictionary as a source. Consider the reliability of your sources. For example, journal articles from sources in our online library will generally be more reliable than pages that come up using Google. To emphasize, you must cite sources internally and on a references page. •Items #1 and #2 below are due at midterm. This submission must be in APA format. You will receive feedback and you may make revisions for the final paper. •Your final paper is due in the second-to-last unit. It will be scored according to the rubric that you will receive with these instructions. Each dimension/section of the rubric (e.g., “Management Concepts,” “Leadership Concepts,” etc.) is of equal importance. You will add the final paper to your e-folio. Activities

1.In the introduction to your paper, describe your personal goal for formal work. (My goal is to work in the field of . . . doing . . .) Be as specific as you can. Your introduction should include a thesis statement. A quick review of thesis statement can be found here: 2.Identify...
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