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Compare and Contrast Paper

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Compare and Contrast Paper

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  • September 2012
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Lilly smith
Mrs. K
English B4
27 November 2011
Paul Rusesabagina and Gregoire were both part of a horrible war. Although they had different parts in the war, they can still be compared to each other. Throughout the movie Hotel Rwanda you learn that this war is going on because a group of people called Hutus want to get rid of a group of people that are called Tutsis. Paul and Gregoire were both Hutus which they both took advantage of. For example, Gregoire being a Hutu used that as an excuse to become very cocky and expected people to look up to him. He also felt that it would be okay to stop working at his job at the hotel the Milles Collines and just lounge around, eat the food, and live there for free. Paul on the other hand, also took advantage of being a Hutu just as Gregoire did, but he did it for the better. For example, when a Hutu soldier refused to let him into the hotel with a group of Tutsis, Paul was able to bribe his way in because he was a Hutu. In the end, Paul was very fortunate and was able to get himself and his neighborhood to safety. On the contrary, through out the movie Paul is put in many difficult situations and is able to bribe his way out or use his connections he has from being a manager at the Milles Collines. All in all Pauls higher position in the Milles Collines saved his life because of all the connections he had. Similarly Gregoire also worked at the Milles Collines but rather than being helped or helping anyone with his job, he gave information to all the Hutus about the Tutsis staying at the hotel and he used the hotel to live in. Since Paul and Gregoire both worked at the same hotel they both spent a fairly good amount of time together through out the movie, and they even associated with similarly the same people. The people that the hotel bought supplies from, were not only food suppliers but also friends with Gregoire and Paul. In the end these very small similarities were really the key things that separated Paul and...

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