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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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sfsHunter Ewry
Prof. Britton
English pd. 5
The sport of lacrosse is a great spring sport. Boys’ and girls’ lacrosse is very different. A few good examples are in the rules, the equipment, and the faceoff. Both sports are very interesting and fun to play as well.

Boys’ high school lacrosse has many qualities that make it a fun sport. First the rules keep the game fun and the players safe. The players are allowed to use their stick to try to recover the ball from the other team, but they are allowed to check on the hands and stick only. The players can also use their body to hit the opponent to recover the ball. They must keep their hands together on the stick and cannot hit from behind. Second, players must have all the required equipment, and it must meet certain standards. The players must have the following: shoulder pads, elbow pads, helmet, mouth guard, and gloves. The player’s sticks must also meet certain requirements. When the ball is in the pocket, it cannot be completely underneath the head of the stick, and the ball must be able to come out of the stick easily. Lastly, the faceoff begins the game; it consists of two players battling for the ball in order to maintain possession. The ball is placed in the center of the field the two players’ position themselves, on the ground, next to it, while not touching the ball or moving their stick across the midline.

Girls’ high school lacrosse is also a fun sport that, while similar, has many differences compared to the sport of boys’ lacrosse. First, there are the rules that are made for the player’s safety. The player’s are not allowed to use their stick to check the other player. The players are not allowed to use their body to check and they also cannot stand in the way of another player. Second, very little equipment is required in this sport. The players’ must wear is a visor/ eye protector and a mouth guard. Goalies in the game are required to wear full pads including: chest protector,...
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