Compare and Contrast on Teens

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  • Published : May 7, 2007
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Compare and Contrast Essay
Some say that high school is the most important part in every ones life. Mainly because of the fact that people change the most during their high school years. One might start to find who they really are in the first year of high school. The biggest changes, by far, happen when a student enters senior year. Interests, personality, and appearance are the most major changes that any student will notice going into senior year.

Freshman through junior year a students interests might seem a little careless. Grades could be a concern, but are definitely not high on the priority list. A big reason for this could be the extremely high interest in girls. Not that all men have an extremely high interest in girls, but a younger student has a more immature interest than an older person might have. The only reason a younger student would try to keep the grades up is to keep from being grounded on the weekends. Not too many students are really thinking about what lies ahead in the future. A reason for this could be that a student's personality really has not developed yet. A lack of responsibility or self confidence could be the reason for the careless interests. Being a younger student responsibility is not a major issue due to the fact that parents are still taking care of their child. Self confidence may not be high due to the fact that the student's individuality may not be discovered, or simply hidden in fear that they will be made fun of. A student's appearance could also have an affect on personality. Younger students often have a very bad complexion. To make matters worse, if a student has not hit a growth spurt then height and weight could be a major issue in the student's life.

Senior year is when reality really checks in. A student's grades are a number one priority because they must be ready for more college type situations. Trying hard and getting work done is a major thing to a senior. As previously stated, girls still remain a...
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