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Compare and Contrast on Cell Phones Essays

By | March 2011
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Drug abuse in the work place is becoming more and more of a problem for managers at all levels of management and many are concerned about under what situations and conditions they should test their staff and employees. There are several situations that exist where a manager should conduct drug testing. When an employee is involved in any type of incident, or injury, during their hours of employment they should be tested for drug abuse. Whenever managers suspect that an employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs they should be tested. Employees should be subjected to random drug testing at frequent intervals to insure that they are not abusing drugs or alcohol. Whenever a drug test is given to an employee the employer should have the employee sign a statement that they agree with the testing. The employer should then include in the statement an option for the employee to be drug tested at a laboratory if the instant test show a positive for drugs or alcohol. When administering drug testing to employees, employers are not violating a basic right to privacy it does not make a difference about the circumstances. This is way Employers must be careful to ensure that all members of the class eligible for testing are tested or that tested employees are chosen through a truly random method with no supervisory input to avoid stereotyping any employees. Once an employer has determined the circumstances under which it will test employees for drugs and alcohol, the actual testing process is the next legal hurdle, which must be properly addressed. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution requires that the testing process be reasonable and not overly intrusive. Employers are violating employee rights on how the test is conducted

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