Compare and Contrast of Success

Topics: Success, Matter, Economics Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: January 15, 2012
Everyone wants to be successful, in everything that they do. However, very rare of them can be successful in really everything, because it there are many kinds of success. Types of success that are common are success in business, education, sports, and other career-related success. Although all kinds of success basically depends on hard work and commitment, there are several differences between success in business and success in family. Sometimes it’s easy to tolerate with those differences, but sometimes it’s hard too.

Some people say that the key of success is luck, while actually “luck” is just another way to say right timing. What really matters in success is passion and commitment in doing it. If a businessman is successful in doing his business, that is because he has passion in doing it, and really puts his effort into it. He also needs to be able to work together with his partners to be able to get his business to run well. A businessman also needs to be patient in facing clients that are sometimes annoying. The same thing applies with a family. In order for that family to be “successful” or be a good family, each of the members have to do their own jobs with responsibility and effort. Some parents are not patient enough in raising their children, causing child abuse and making the children hate their parents.

While the two kinds of successes have very many similarities, it also has differences. A successful business is a business that grows big and has many consumers. A businessman is patient in meeting their clients because he knows that the clients give them money. In families, the size and the number of members does not matter in the success of it. Even sometimes a family with too many members can be hard to manage, because everyone has their own ways of thinking and there is limited finance. Also, parents are patient to their children because they love them, not because the children give them money to do so. Instead of getting money, parents...
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