Compare and Contrast of Present Australian Food and the Past

Topics: Australia, Australian cuisine, Cooking Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: May 20, 2013
The culture of inclusiveness is well reflected by native Australia cuisine. Since British settlers arrived in Australia, thousands of human beings have immigrated to Australia with diverse customs, which made a significant contribution to the modern food culture. Australian food culture has been deeply varied by multicultural influence. There are large differences in diet, food technology, as well as eating habits between past and present with the evolution of the food culture. Diet

In terms of cuisine, there are some important changes throughout history. Before the arrival of European settlers, the diet of Aboriginal tribes was Australian edible plants, and hunted local animals (Bruneteau, 1996). However, the culture shock was profound, after British colonized Australia in 18th century. New settlers conveyed new thought of food to this country. Traditional British dishes make an obvious influence during that period (Roberts, 2007). As more and more immigration, large number of different culture shocked Australia food culture. People can hardly found some features of food in the past. Moreover, with advantages of multicultural society, Australian cuisine has fused amount of cuisines from other countries. A unique food style has been designed by Australians (Roberts, 2007). Therefore Australian national food has almost replaced by several cuisines from other culture. Nevertheless, an unique food culture has been produced gradually. Food technology

Another aspect where changes have taken place is food technology. For example, food facility has been complete transformed. In the past, Australia people cook with woodstove. (Mark, 2002) However, microwave oven, electric oven, gas stove and hundreds of applications has been used in the kitchen now. People are not limited to cooking without proper tools. The type of facilities today can satisfy most requirement. In addition, refrigeration technology completely transformed traditional food storage. Food...
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