Compare and Contrast Newspaper Verses Tv

Topics: Newspaper Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Compare and contrast Newspaper verses TV

Well every morning my dad would say why turn on the TV when we only have to pay 1.00$ to get the newspaper and I would say the newspaper doesn’t give you a clear view of what is happening and his response would always be no but it mentally drawing a picture for you and you kind get a mental picture of the news report. My examples of compeering them both TV and news pepper. Yes it would be more educational to read the news pepper and may sometimes be more descriptive so you can mentally make a picture of what they are talking about but also when it comes to gossiped the make it sound so dramatic so you can get hooked to what you are reading and I guess that is a good way to catch your audience attention to make good public. Know TV is exciting they happen to not be made out of trees no more and come with better picture. And better figure. Back then a TV had a big box wright behind the screen they had a projector wright behind schedule it and know they use holographic and HD is now supplement on Flat screen TV’s and that makes them have a clear view and makes it look so much better. Such as in providing information for example celebrity’s news, News reports, comedy and many other shows. And ass in for news paper’s It was started in the year 1’000 1436-1440 guten beard in Germany and has progressed more since. Newspaper can be very descriptive and helps expand your education when it comes to reading a vocabulary. Then again many people prefer to have more of a visual prospective to it. For example having the news report read to you why not just sit there and watch it looks better on to. Comics why not sit and watch comedies on TV well newspaper gives you the chance to see a actual picture of a comic. I would say what I like the most of newspaper has to be the horoscopes because if you are not in front of a TV at a established time you can miss your horoscope and with the news pepper you just have to grab it and read...
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