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  • Published : September 27, 2010
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Compare/Contrast: The Lorax
Movie is better than book
The movie of the Lorax show the picture of the environment clearly, the motion of people in the scene, but in the book it only show less picture because the book only described or write about what you see in the movie. In the movie of the Lorax the picture and video of the time the once- ler was making money, the time he called for celebration and the little boy who he gave the one last truffula seed are being showed in the movie but in the book most of the picture show in the movie are missing in the book. When watching movie you can see and hear the detail, whereas when reading a book you imagine them, and create picture in your head. Movie show the name of the actor, the actress, the producer, and the screenplay writer whereas in the book you only read about the author and the producer. In the movie of the Lorax, the OnceLer was greedy and a business person who cut down forest truffula trees to make thneed, while the Lorax speak for the trees because the trees has no tongue. The book state all this feature, but the making of the movie combined both visual, acting, and music to enable the audience to understand the play.

The sound of the movie could greatly enhance the comprehension of the movie. The audience can receive information from both image and sound, while book reader from text. The sound in the movie can be classified in to threes type, namely, speech, music and noise. In some situations, even any of them alone could tell a story. Thought as accurate as the book can not achieve, the sound in the movie can create environment in which audience could feel the characters’ emotion, the magic of the sound in the movie that could duplicate the sounds in real life, and together with the images, which creates and display the real life to the audience directly and immediately, while book only describe thing through words. Movie director could show “a successful ball” with fantastic music, joyful...
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