Compare and Contrast Mccarthyism and the Crucible

Topics: Torture, Interrogation, Enhanced interrogation techniques Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Advanced Interrogation Techniques
There have been many different ideas and techniques to try to get answers from criminals and although they do work most of the time, more serious cases of crimes call for more serious techniques. Timely information can be obtained in a timelier manner by administering advanced interrogation techniques. Terrorists under duress may give information that interrogators wouldn’t know to ask. It would save the country money. It is effective to use advanced interrogation on terrorists to get answers and information.

Sometimes answers need to be obtained as soon as possible, and then there is a rush for that information. This is called the “Ticking Time Bomb Theory”(Sharrock and Rozen). Most terrorists attempting to actually do some damage would put a large bomb in a crowded or heavily populated area, thus killing thousands, even millions, of our own innocent civilians. No one can put any action into play until they know where the bomb is. For a terrorist who isn’t willing to give the location of the bomb up very easily, this is where advanced interrogation techniques come in the picture. It would be more logical to interrogate one criminal in order to save many innocent lives.

If the interrogation is going well, officials may receive information that they wouldn’t even know to ask. If the terrorist being interrogated is involved in other offensive activities, he may willingly tell other information. If they believe this will get them out of interrogation they will willingly give up information (Sharrock and Rozen). This is one of the reasons that advanced interrogation may save many of innocent Americans lives.

Advanced interrogation techniques would save the country money. Doing this then the “Ticking Time Bomb Theory” would be reduced, saving the country millions of dollars on having to clean up and rebuild buildings if a bomb went off. We would get information quicker saving more lives and reducing burial grave spending....
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