Compare and Contrast Maggie and Dee

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ENG 1010
Our short weekend trip to New York to visit friends started out fine, just like any other time. We had no idea this one was going to be much more eventful and not in a good way. Just as I asked my sister “Can this day get any worse?” It did get worse. Just like any other trip, my sister and I were singing along to the songs on the radio to make the time pass by quicker. About half way to our destination the “low fuel” button lit up on the dashboard, we didn’t really pay attention to it, as we were having a great time laughing and singing. About fifteen miles later we looked at the dashboard and saw that the fuel level had fallen at the red line, and that’s when all the singing and laughing stopped. We realized that we needed to take the next exit to fill up. Unfortunately, there was no exit in sight, not for another twenty miles. We drove slower to get better gas mileage so that we make it to the next gas station. This twenty-mile drive seemed to be endless as we panicked and prayed to be able to reach the next exit with the gas we had left. As we finally turned into the gas station property, the car stopped. A few guys that were there helped us push the car to the pump. We finally filled up and were able to continue our drive. As I started driving with much excitement I didn’t realize I was going fifteen miles above the speed limit. Unfortunately, there was a police officer that pulled me over. I was no so excited anymore, when the officer walked up to the window of the car. As I rolled down the window my sister smiled, explained very politely to him what happened right before that got us so carried away we speed up so excitingly. Fortunately, the officer was very kind and let us go with a warning. I was overjoyed like a kid on Christmas morning at that moment and was sure nothing else would go wrong. However, about five miles from our destination the road went up and down like an exciting roller-coaster, so we could not...
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