Compare and Contrast Little Red Riding Hood

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  • Published : August 14, 2012
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Little Red Riding Hood was a story from long ago and changed through the centuries. After reading the first story of Little Red Riding Hood I can say that I was not expecting the ending that it had. This would be frightening to a little child who reads this version of the wolf eating the people. Grimm changes the story a little for in the end the wolf does eat the people but they were saved in the end. The wolf was a very bad and misleading animal that led Little Red Cap/Little Red Riding Hood astray from her path. He took advantage of a situation of an innocence little girl and turned it around in his favor. I was not aware of these versions of this story until now. These are not appropriate for children today. Reading this version to my child would not happen at a young age because of all the gruesome and evil things that the wolf did. A symbol of an animal like a dog in the form of a wolf does not show children the love of an animal nor does it symbolize their innocence when young. The wolf eating the grandmother and then the child in the version by Charles Perrault “The better to eat you with!” would frighten a young child and make them cry. This is just too gruesome for that age group. The version by Brother’s Grimm changed a little but still followed the same path and would frighten a young age group. When in the end the wolf claims he can “The better to grab you with,” and then he jumps up and eats her scares many people. In the end it tells of a huntsman saving the grandmother and Little Red Cap and killing the big bad wolf. Someone was able to save the innocence in this story but could still be very frightening to a young age group. I think these two versions would have been more appropriate for an older age group. When I was a child the version of Little Red Riding Hood did not give us animals eating people. The tempting wolf was still a major part of the story as well as Little Red Riding Hood. This version had the wolf locking the grandmother in...
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