Compare and Contrast Literary Text and Non-Literary Text

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  • Published: December 18, 2011
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Non-literary text forms an independent part of a publication .Non-literary texts are informational writing: factual material, informational explanations, newspaper articles, textbooks, journal and diary entries, and so forth that are published in newspapers, Informative magazines current affairs news and educative articles. Non-literary composition uses facts and figures to proof a point. Examples of non-literary texts are personal diaries, current affairs news, journals, text books and articles. Non-literary composition is written objectively. In contrast, literary texts are fictional compositions based on the artist’s will and imaginations and are therefore subjective. Poetry, novels, short stories and dramas are written in a particular way, and this is referred to as literary text. In literary texts, authors creatively create feelings and ideas to entertain their audiences. Examples of literary texts are poems, short stories and dramas.

They have been described as “the best words in the best order”.

The use of sound of words make poems sound like songs when read aloud. Poems have a particular appearance that shows they are poems before even reading the words. Poems have shorter lines than most sorts of writings.

Language features refer to the sound of the language in literature, the use of specific vocabulary to describe and clarify the literature or anything used in storytelling to draw the reader’s attention. Language features are the ways in which spoken, written and visual texts are shaped according to personal, historical, cultural, social and workplace contexts. Language features can be everything that the artist-writer uses with particular artistic intentions that is employed in literature and storytelling. Language features of poems are art form that expresses ideas through language, which can be recognized, identified, interpreted and analysed. Literary language features are the means authors use to create meaning through language, and that...
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