Compare and Contrast: Jobs in a Kitchen

Topics: Chef, Cook, Brigade de cuisine Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: March 13, 2012
In the hustle and bustle of working in a restaurant there are key things to always remember, stay organized, keep time, and know what’s going on around you. In the kitchen especially; there is a chain between everyone working. When one link is broken then, the kitchen doesn’t run very smoothly. For example, if a prep cook were to not prep the vegetables needed for a night, then the meals that need those certain vegetables would take longer to prepare; causing others to become less organized with time, and putting a dent into the flow of things.

The kitchen has a chain of command. The person in charge is the Executive or Head chef, this person sees over everything that is going on in the kitchen. They are responsible for the menu, staffing and payroll of the kitchen, ordering, plating design; anything that is kitchen related the executive chef is in charge of. Next is the Sous chef; the Sous chef is like the Executive chefs assistant, when there is something that the Executive chef needs help with the Sous chef is the go to person. The third person is the expediter, this person more commonly called a waiter or waitress, takes and relays customers’ orders to the kitchen; they are also the person that will sometimes finish off a plate with garnish. Fourth is the Chef de Partie or the station chef or also the line cook. This part of the kitchen staff can be broken down in to a lot of sections. The station chef is in charge of a certain area, making or doing something specific. Each component on a plate can be broken down into a station. Station chefs can have their own hierarchy as well, depending on the size of the kitchen, there might be more than one person working at a certain station. Therefore, there would be the Station Chef in charge then they just number off as first, second, or third cook. The fifth person on the command would be the prep cooks; they are responsible for the basic prep of any food needed to create the menu. Last but not least, the...
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