Compare and Contrast Jobs

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The construction and orthotist jobs have its ups and downs such as work, money-benefits, and the personal satisfaction varies. The work is one of the biggest differences in these jobs. Construction labor varies with the job itself, you could be inside or outside in 101 degree weather to 16 degrees the way this weather was. The work is hard manual labor and you are mainly dealing with a lot of uneducated people, on the site who don’t know how to properly be a boss” not abuse it”. Unless you’re the main foreman the head boss they must have a degree. The work with an orthotist is great conditions you work indoors. The work is more complex though; there is not a lot of room for mistakes. The people I work with now all have a degree except for the patients which those are all kids. The money and benefits in construction sucks, compared to the orthotist field. There are no benefits in construction unless you plan on staying long term. The money is never the same when you work construction. Because they make you leave when they want you to they control your overtime as well .You have to worry about someone messing with your pay. The orthotist is pay is great, orthotist technicians get paid a lot better than the construction starting out. The pay only gets better the more time you put into it. You have all the benefits even on short term but I plan on making it a career. When I get certified I will start working with the kids, I will be doing the boss part of the job. The pay when you get certified starting out is six figures .There is no worries on whether someone messed with your pay, which is a great felling.

The personal satisfaction with these two jobs varies. When you work construction you do get the self satisfaction that you did something after you get off, plus you get to see what you built when you get done. Also when you work construction you do learn a lot of handy things for building. There is a lot less worries and stress...
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