Compare and Contrast Imperial Rome and Han China

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Imperial Rome and Han China
Imperial Rome and Han China had many differences involving religion, technology, and women in society, but the similarities in these three subjects outnumber the amount of differences. Women in Rome and China had many of the same responsibilities. Technology in China was more advanced, but Rome was on top of advancing the field of architecture. Religion allowed these two empires to be alike but also different over the course of their reign. Differences make an empire unique, but similarities connect empires throughout the world.

Religion between these two civilizations is alike in many ways. When they were getting started and expanding, both Rome and China believed gods lived in nature. For example, Rome believed gods lived in hills, caves, and skies while China believed gods lived in rain, winds, soil, rivers, and mountains. Gods were also represented in the homes of Romans. However, as the years went on, Rome adopted Christianity and China developed Buddhism. The Romans needed a leader they could depend on, who is known as Jesus, and Buddhism spread to China through the Silk Road from India. Despite the differences between these two religions, both were monotheistic. Christianity in Rome worshipped Jesus and Buddhism in China followed the Buddha.

Rome and China were somewhat different in religion, but were very different in technology. China was based on production and Rome was based on architecture and building. While Rome was creating arches and inventing concrete, China was creating a watermill and inventing paper and the seismometer. Both were unique in these ways but agreed that roads were very important. Roads connected empires across the hemisphere and allowed quick transportation for armies. Neither Rome nor China could ignore building roads because they are the key to expanding an empire. Apparently it was not much of an obstacle to expand an empire were only men were involved. Women in...
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