Compare and Contrast How an Outside Influence Acts as a Powerful Force to Destruct Idyllic Relationships of Love in ‘Othello’, ‘the Great Gatsby’ and ‘Enduring Love’

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Within ‘Othello’ Iago appears cunning, the confidence he has allows him to act as an outside force manipulating the relationship between Othello and Desdemona. The interpretations of the outside influence are questionable throughout the three texts. The issue in ‘The Great Gatsby’ of whether Jay Gatsby corrupts Daisy and Tom Buchanan’s marriage because he loves her or whether she is a material desire; and whether Jed’s mental state or Joe’s rationality in ‘Enduring Love’ is to blame for the corruption between the contemporary couple, Joe and Clarissa. Iago’s ability to observe allows him to gain control of Othello and seek revenge. Whether this is for the goodness of his community or due to jealousy is unknown. However, through language, form and structure it is clear that a gradual decay in both love and morals takes place. Iago’s performance creates the impression that he is a heartless character as no true friendship, love or morals are shown. “I am not what I am”, he is a devious onlooker who aims to destruct happiness, yet the reason for this remains uncertain. Iago can be classified as an outside force due to his dishonesty and cruel intentions, which often only the audience is aware of due to his mysterious actions. “Beware my lord of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster”. The audience is positioned to understand that William Shakespeare is presenting irony as Iago is warning others of jealousy, when perhaps he is tied down by his own. Utilising personification also foreshadows the cruel intention Iago has to damage the contentment in Othello’s life. A clever choice of words allows Iago to deliver the impression that he is a loyal and honest man. Throughout the play he sets the stage to ensure Othello and Desdemona’s relationship becomes corrupt, denying himself of any responsibility. This contrasts to Jed Parry in ‘Enduring Love’. Lead by his belief in God, a strong emotional attachment is made with Joe, one which Jed is persistently honest about. With...
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