Compare and Contrast Hot and Cold Weather

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Compare and Contrast Hot and Cold Weather
What weather is preferable and why? Both hot and cold weather conditions have their advantages and their drawbacks, yet according to different perspectives only one can be more beneficial. Hot and Cold climates have their pros and cons especially with the feelings they create, the ways in which they affect the environment, and the way influence the environment. Warm and Cool atmospheres are both very different from each other both possessing the possibility of creating positive and disheartening emotion. Warm, temperate weather typically creates an optimistic ambience as several activities and ways of life can be introduced, although this type of climate can still displease others. This type of weather usually allows for more productivity allowing one to get more accomplished giving people a stronger sense of self-confidence. There are those who hate intense heat and the activities that come in its wake that interfere with their everyday lives. Moreover, there are those that look forward to a cold day than anything else in their life, and could go without a bright, and sunny for the rest of their lives. It seems that those that live in colder regions of the world prefer a colder climate because that is what they are accustomed to; it brings comfort and normality to their lives. Warm climate people have the possibility of enjoying a rainy or snowy day, but more than likely they will grow further animosity against that type of weather. Climate affects all types of people emotionally in so many ways and the best type of weather will be argued over till the end of time. Furthermore, a topic that is not looked at closely by many is how types of climate affect the economy whether for good or bad. Hot and Cold weather affect business on a global scale yet a warmer climate has the tendency to be more beneficial toward the economy.
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